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Technical stearic acid

GOST 6484-96
Grade T-32
25 kg


Applications of stearic acid are varied and cover many industrial and domestic sectors. It serves as an activator in the vulcanization accelerators, processes dispersant in rubber compounds fillers, softeners (plasticizers). Direct injection of stearic acid in the rubber helps to improve the distribution of the components and the degree of adaptability of the rubber compound.

Widespread use of stearic acid is found in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, where it acts as a component responsible for the formation of structure and emulsifier for creams. Stearic acid is also indispensable in the chemical laboratory. For polishing pastes stearic acid — a component unchanged. Salts of stearic acid are used in bitumen for road construction, and the extraction of certain ores.

Safety requirements

Stearic acid fire and explosion proof. The impact on the body is a third class risk substance.


Stearic acid is packed in three-or four-ply paper bags.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Physical and chemical properties
Item Norm GOST Actually
Appearance Flakes, powder Acc.
Color White, with a slightly yellowish tinge Acc.
Mechanical impurities No Acc.
Transparency at 70 °C Transparent Acc.
Iodine number g/I2 / 100 g, not more 32 6.4
Mass fraction of unsaponifiables, %, not more 0.7 0.65
Temperature point, °C, min 53.0 65.6
Acid, mg KOH / g 192–210 193.1
Saponification, mg KOH / g 194–213 195.8
Moisture content, %, not more 0.2 0.18
Ash content, %, not more 0.02 0.18