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Russia, Chelyabinck,
Kosareva 6 st,
office 203
+7 (351) 797-97-52
+7 (351) 225 08 81
+7 (351) 200 43 36
+7 (351) 200 43 37

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Tablitsa Mendeleeva

«We provide chemical products
more than 200 companies in Russia and CIS!»

«Tablitsa Mendeleeva» knows everything about chemestry!

«Tablitsa Mendeleeva» Ltd - suppliers of chemicals, chemical equipment and chemical reagents for businesses, educational institutions and laboratories in the Chelyabinsk and Urals regions. We supply products for all industries, including: engineering, electroplating, ceramic, paper, cement. We also offer chemicals for the production of detergents, rubber products.

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We offer discounts
for large orders

favorable conditions
 for the long term customers

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