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Technical potassium dichromate

GOST 2652-78
Grade high
25 kg


Potassium dichromate technical is used for organic synthesis, manufacture of matches, inorganic pigments, dry batteries and other purposes.

Safety requirements

Potassium dichromate is non-flammable — and explosion-proof, the degree of impact on the body is a Class 1 substance.


Potassium dichromate is packed in steel drums, polyethylene liners are attached to the four-five-layer paper bags or flax-jute-kenafnye bags weighing up to 50 kg.

It is allowed to pack potassium dichromate in soft disposable containers weighing no more than 1,000 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

Shelf life is unlimited.

Physical and chemical properties
Item The rate for grades
Top First
Appearance Non-caking crystals orange-red
Mass fraction of potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7), %, not less 99.7 99.7
Mass fraction of sulfate in terms of SO42-, %, not more 0.02 0.05
Mass fraction of chlorides as Cl-, %, not more 0.07 0.1
Mass fraction is insoluble in water, %, not more 0.03 0.1
Moisture content, %, not more 0.03 0.05
Safety requirements
Class of danger 1
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Non-caking crystals orange-red color. Non-volatile, water-soluble. Strong oxidant. Pollute the water.
Explosion and fire Non-Flammable. Fire-and explosion-proof.
When heated, decomposes to oxygen, contributing to potential combustion and rapid development of fire.
The risk to humans Hexavalent chromium as aerosol or dust entering the body can cause severe poisoning.
Prolonged exposure of hexavalent chromium compounds have a general toxic effect, causing respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal tract and skin issues. Hexavalent chromium compounds are irritating to the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. Hexavalent chromium leads to the formation of difficult to heal ulcers.
Chemical burn. In case of fire and explosions can lead to burns and injuries.
Individual protection means Insulating protective clothing FIR 5 complete with an insulating mask IP-4M.
In case of fire — fire resistant suit, complete with self-rescuers SPI-20.
At low concentrations in the air (with an increase in MPC 100 times) — overalls, industrial gas mask. Oil-resistant gloves, shoes.
Respirator type SB-1 "petal" and Y-2K, goggles, clothing, footwear, hand protection.