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Sodium sulfide technical

GOST 596-89
Na2S • nH2O (n = 1,9-2,4)


Sodium sulfur technical (sodium sulfide) used in metallurgy, light industry, chemical and other industries.

Sodium sulfide is produced in bulk technical form (pellets, Flaked) and as a monolith in three grades.

Product grade A is used in the manufacture of dyes, the formulation of light skins exported, B grade — in the leather and textile industries, mark — in nonferrous metallurgy.

Safety requirements

Sodium sulfur technical fire and explosion proof, the impact on the body is a substance of the 2nd class of danger.


Sodium sulfur technical is packed in steel drums for chemical products, specialized containers such as SC-1-5 (7), as well as in special soft disposable containers, paper bags, laminated with rubber-blend, four-, five-layer paper bags with an internal plastic bag liner or plastic bag. Bag net weight of 50 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Average storage life of the product — 2 years.

Physical and chemical properties
Item Norm
Sypuchii MonoLita Sypuchii MonoLita Sypuchii MonoLita
Appearance Monolithic mass, flakes, granules, from light brown to dark brown
Mass fraction of sodium sulfide (Na2S), %, not less 63–67 63–67 63–67
Mass fraction is insoluble in water, %, not more 0.15 0.2 0.5
Total iron (Fe), %, not more 0.03 0.06
Safety requirements
Class of danger
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Monolithic mass, flakes, granules, from light brown to dark brown. It is soluble in water, in contact with acids liberates hydrogen sulfide — flammable explosive gas.
Nonvolatile. Corrosive to some metals.
Explosion and fire Not flammable.
The risk to humans Harmful by inhalation (cough, chest tightness, runny nose, watery eyes), skin contact (skin burn) and eyes (eyelid edema, conjunctiva redness, damages the iris). Chemical burns.
Individual protection means Insulating protective clothing FIR 5 complete with an insulating mask IP-4M or-arms protective suit L-1 and L-2, complete with industrial gas mask with a cartridge in the gloves of the variance of butyl rubber, shoes.
At low concentrations in the air (with an increase in MPC 100 times) — clothing, self-protective individual set-fed into the breathing zone of the purified air ROM cartridges, PZ-2, filter respirator "FORT-P", the universal respirator "Snowball-KU -M".