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Sodium hydroxide technical

GOST 2263-79
Grade TP
50 kg


Technical caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is manufactured for the chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper industry, ferrous metallurgy and other industries.

Technical sodium hydroxide is produced the following brands: TR — solid mercury (Flaked) AP — solid diaphragm (melted) PP — mercurial solution, PX — a chemical solution, RD — diaphragm solution.

Safety requirements

Technical sodium hydroxide fire-and explosion-proof, the degree of impact on the body of the substances 2-hazard class.


The liquid product is shipped in a specially designed railway tank cars. At the request of a consumer product is poured into welded steel barrels with a capacity of 100–275 dm³.

The solid product is packed in steel drums. By agreement with the consumer packaging Flaked solid in glass or plastic jars net weight 2–3 kg.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Physical and chemical properties
Item Norm
Top First
Appearance Flake mass of white.
Have subtle coloring
Melting mass of white.
Have subtle coloring
Colorless or colored liquid.
Allowed crystallized residue
Mass fraction of sodium hydroxide, %, not less 98.5 94.0 46.0 44.0
Mass fraction of sodium carbonate, %, not more 0.8 1.0 0.4 0.8
Mass fraction of sodium chloride, %, not more 0.05 3.50 3.00 3.80
Total iron as Fe2O3, %, not more 0.004 0.030 0.007 0.020
The amount of mass fractions of iron, aluminum and manganese, %, not more 0.02
Mass fraction of silica in terms of SiO2, %, not more 0.02
Mass fraction of sodium sulfate, %, not more 0.03 0.40
Sum of mass fraction of calcium and magnesium in terms of Ca, %, not more 0.01
Mass fraction of sodium hypochlorite, %, not more 0.01 0.06 0.25 0.30
Mass fraction of mercury, %, not more 0.0005 0.0001
Safety requirements
Class of danger 2
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties The solid product — flaked or fused mass of white, very hygroscopic, very soluble in water, rapidly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and gradually turns into sodium carbonate, the liquid product — a colorless or colored liquid is allowed crystallized residue. Irritant.
Explosion and fire Not subject to spontaneous combustion, does not support combustion. Containers may explode when heated.
The risk to humans After contact with skin causes chemical burns, and prolonged exposure can cause ulcers and eczema. Strong effect on mucous membranes. Risk of eye contact.
Harmful by inhalation, ingestion, skin and mucous membranes. Causes coughing, chest tightness, runny nose, festering burns to mucous membranes of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and severe burns to mucous eye vision loss.
Individual protection means Insulating protective clothing FIR 5 complete with an insulating mask IP-4M or-arms protective suit L-1 and L-2, complete with industrial gas mask with a cartridge in the gloves of the variance of butyl rubber, shoes.
At low concentrations in the air (with an increase in MPC 100 times) — clothing, self-protective individual set-fed into the breathing zone of the purified air ROM cartridges, PZ-2, filter respirator "FORT-P", the universal respirator "Snowball-KU-M".
Protective suit, rubber apron, goggles, rubber boots, filter respiratory protection equipment with a box BKF.