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Sodium formate technical

TU 2432-011-00203803-98
25 kg


Technical sodium formate (sodium formate) is sodium formate with a small admixture of pentaerythritol and its derivatives. Technical sodium formate is used as antifreeze, and plasticizers in the production of building structures, in the tanning industry, as a raw material in the production of formic acid.

Safety requirements

Sodium formate is explosion-proof technology is not flammable, but in storage and handling you should prohibit smoking and the use of open flames. The degree of impact on the body is a substance third risk class.


Sodium formate technology packed in polypropylene bags with a plastic bag inside, as well as in special soft disposable containers.

Guaranteed shelf life

1 year from date of manufacture.

Recommendations for the use

Recommendations for the use of sodium formate as antifreeze additive in concrete and mortar

Sodium formate — antifreeze agent, antifreezing liquid phase concrete (mortar).

FN supplement recommended for the construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures, embedment of joints of prefabricated structures, as well as added to the solution in the winter with temperatures below zero.

The amount of additive is assigned depending on the design temperature hardening.

Dosage and method of administration

Sodium formate (dry) is introduced into the concrete (mortar) mixture in the amount of:

  • 2% by weight of cement at the design temperature hardening to -5 °C;
  • 4% by weight of cement at the design temperature hardening -10 °C.

One of the advantages of BM is a lower percentage of entering into the concrete (solution) compared with other conventional additives.

FN is introduced into the concrete mixture in the form of an aqueous solution of working concentration of 30–45%. To increase the rate of dissolution is recommended to heat the water up to 40-700 °C and the solution.

Concrete with the addition of sodium formate is prohibited to use:

  • in the pre-stressed structures, steel-reinforced grades Am-IV, Al-V, Al-VI, A-IV, A-V;
  • in concrete and reinforced concrete structures and articles intended for use in aqueous and gaseous environments with a relative humidity of over 60% in the presence of inclusions in the core of reactive silica;
  • in reinforced concrete constructions and products for electric transport and industries that consume a constant electric current.