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Pine rosin

GOST 19113-84
Grade high
107 kg; 20 kg


Rosin is obtained from pine resin. Pine rosin consists primarily of resin acids having the general formula C20H30O2.


Pine rosin used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, pulp and paper, tire, rubber and paint industries.

Safety requirements

Pine rosin — combustible, prone to spontaneous combustion, the degree of impact on the body is a substance of third class risk.

Airborne rosin dust is explosive. Accumulated dust is a fire hazard.


Pine rosin is packed in wooden barrels with a capacity of 100–200 dm і, steel drums with a capacity of 100–180 dm і, plywood drums with a capacity of 50–66 and 93 dm і, cardboard drums with a capacity of 50–110 seams dm і, and in the bottom of the cardboard with metal drums with a capacity of 100 — 120 dm і.

For long term storage product is packed in steel drums with a capacity of 100–180 dm і or wooden barrels with a capacity of 100–200 dm і.

Guaranteed shelf life

2 years from date of manufacture.

Physical and chemical properties
Item The rate for grades
Top First Second
Appearance Transparent, glass or with air bubbles weight
The color intensity X, WW, WG X, WW, WG, N M, K, Y, H, G
Water content, %, not more 0.2 0.2 0.2
Ash content, %, not more 0.03 0.04 0.04
Mechanical impurities, %, not more 0.03 0.04 0.04
Softening temperature, 0 °C, %, not less 69 68 66
Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of the product, not less 169 169 166
Tendency to crystallize Lack of honey porous sediment
Mass fraction of unsaponifiable matter, %, not more 6.0 6.5 7.5
Safety requirements
Class of danger 3
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Transparent, glass or with air bubbles mass.
Explosion and fire Inflammable. Ignited by an open flame. Burning producing toxic gases and thick smoke. Possible thermal and chemical spontaneous combustion. Containers may explode when heated. Rosin dust suspended in air is explosive. Accumulated dust is a fire hazard.
The risk to humans In case of fire and explosions can lead to burns, injuries and poisoning gases.
Individual protection means Arms protective suit L-1 or L-2, complete with industrial gas masks with cartridges and B. clothes. Oil-resistant gloves, from the dispersion of butyl rubber, shoes.
In case of fire — fire resistant suit complete with 'samospasatelsm' SPI-20.
Overalls, goggles, dust mask.