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Calcium hypochlorite



Calcium hypochlorite is produced by chlorination of lime cream in the presence of sodium hypochlorite or without it, followed by isolation of crystalline calcium hypochlorite and drying.


Calcium hypochlorite (calcium hypochlorite) is used in disinfection of indoor surfaces, hard furniture, sanitary ware, glassware, toys, cleaning equipment, treatment of hospital waste such as: patient (feces, urine, vomit, sputum, etc.), as well as individual objects (waste, blood and other biological substrates), bacterial infections (including tuberculosis and extremely dangerous infections — anthrax, plague, glanders, melioidosis, cholera, tularemia), and viral etiology of fungal diseases in health care settings and infectious foci; for disinfecting household water;

Disinfection of water supply/treatment facilities, bleaching and other purposes.

Calcium hypochlorite in its composition has admixture of calcium hydroxide, sodium chloride and calcium carbonate.

Safety requirements

Calcium hypochlorite is non flammable and explosion-proof. It is a substance of the 3rd level of danger for the human body when getting into the stomach, the 4th level of danger when getting on the skin and the 2nd level of danger when inhaled saturating concentration of vapors.


Calcium hypochlorite is packed in galvanized steel drums with a capacity of 100 dm і or in steel drums of carbon steel, fitted with liners made of polyethylene film.

On customer’s request it is allowed to pack calcium hypochlorite in specialized steel containers or in customer’s containers which meet all safety requirements.

Shelf life

1 year from a manufacturing date. In case of expiry the product must be tested for a content of active chlorine. In order to use calcium hypochlorite further a customer should consider the actual content of active chlorine.

Physical and chemical properties
Item Norm
Appearance Powdery dusting product of white colour or slightly coloured with a strong smell of chlorine
*Mass fraction of chlorine, % 45-54
Mass fraction of water content, %, not more than 4
Mass fraction of insoluble residue, % 10-15
The coefficient of thermal stability, not less than 0,8

* The mass fraction of active chlorine decreases within storage warranty period up to 35%.

Safety requirements
Class of danger 3
Basic properties and hazards
Basic properties Fine powder of white colour or slightly coloured with a strong smell of chlorine. Strong oxidizing agent can be mixed with water in any proportion. To avoid decomposition of the substance it is prohibited to use containers of non-alloy and alloy steels, cast iron, copper, bronze and other materials which are catalysts for its decomposition.
Explosion and fire Non flammable, explosion-proof. However, when in contact with liquid oily organic and dust-like organic products it can combust with them up. Containers may explode when heated.
The risk to humans It has an effect of local irritation on the skin and particularly pronounced on eyes mucous membranes, has no sensitizing effect.
When chlorine gets released into air there is a risk of inhalation leading to an irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory system. Avoid contact with skin, eyes. The irritation of the upper respiratory tract is manifested in sore throat, cough, etc. Contact with eyes may result in burns or corneal damage. Skin contact may cause a burning sensation, redness, swelling. In severe cases there is a shortness of breath, cough, rapid pulse, nausea.
Individual protection means An insulating protective clothing FIR 5 in a kit with an insulating mask IP-4M or-a military protective suit L-1 and L-2 in a kit with industrial gas mask with cartridge CD, an industrial gas mask small dimension of PFM-1, gloves made of dispersion of butyl rubber, special shoes. In case of fire - a fire resistant suit in a kit with self-rescuers SPI-20. At low concentration in the air (with an increase up to 100 times) - special clothing, self-protective individual set with a supply of the purified air into the breathing system wth ROM cartridges, PZ-2, a filter cartridge respirator RPG with KD filter respirator, "FORT-P "universal respirator" Snowball-KU-M". Type RPG-67, RU-60M respirator with a cartridge B (in case of large quantities of chlorine at the workplace there should be a filter gas mask type B or БКФ ), safety goggles type PO-2, PO-3, rubber gloves, boots, gowns, suits.